graffiti is art, not vandalism, amirite?

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That really depends on what it is. If it is some idiot tagging up walls with his name or gang it is vandalism, but if someone is doing art it doesn't bother me, but they should get permission first. I do not want to have my tax money spent removing some modern art from the highway.

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Not when it's someone else's property. Otherwise, yeah.

I wish they had building where they would be allowed to put graffiti. that's the best kind of art out there.

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unless people abuse it-- my teacher took a semester in college for graffiti & he's great at it. i wish people who vandalized would realize that they could have serious talent :P

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aww man i wanted to say that lol

OP: Unless you've been to Europe and seen how graffiti has completely ruined tons of beautiful buildings, you really can't say that.

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location, location, location

It CAN be art.

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Yaaayyy I'm so happy for u <3

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