When you were little and swinging on the swingset with your friends, if the swings were in line with each other you would yell, "get out of my shower!" amirite?

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We said nothing. Then kept swinging.

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I would say "we are married" and "we are divorced" when we were no where in sync and then "we are dating" if we are kinda in sync

@Ness same here!!!! i always did that.

Aaaaaaah those were the days ^.^

@Ellen Aaaaaaah those were the days ^.^

ikr? once i was swingning and sum kid ran in front of me and i plowed into him and he went fah-LYIN!

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@Ellen That. Is. HILARIOUS!!! I would have been laughing sooooooo hard!

lol i was and it was soo cool.. one second hes not there.. the next.. HOLY BALLS!

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we would just be like, "damn you stop synchronized swinging with me"

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wtf? We used to encourage such occurrences.

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I'm American, and I've never heard of this.

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someone please elxplain this to me. We said nothing, just kept swinging.

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it was "oh look, were swinging at the same time." "cool."

For us it was "Get off my party line".

@shelbyam118 For us it was "Get off my party line".

same hereee lol except we thought it was "get off my potty line"

We said stinky feet!

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its 'get out of my bathroom' I belive

@Treeleaf its 'get out of my bathroom' I belive

We always did "Double date ! "
and usually say ew because we all had cooties

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@Treeleaf its 'get out of my bathroom' I belive

(Treeleaf):I guess my childhood was just messed up. Haha

We were married.

We said bathtub.

... I feel awkward, because we never said anything if we were swinging in unison...

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We were double dating

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@We were double dating

That is exactly what we said!

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At my school, it was always "We're married!"

I'm from Arizona and just had to Google this and make sure me and my 3 friends weren't the only ones who said this. I went to school in the 90's and the majority was ”get out of my shower” but we would escalate to get out of my tub or bathroom up until "get out of my universe" if they wouldn't leave your shower. But my friends little brother (born after 9/11) also remembers get out of my shower.....

I thought it was love line love line

At my school we always said "Get out of my stall!" (:

I never said anything, but in my head I thought: "We're swing twins!".

We used to just say get outta my bathroom

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We would always be "swinging buddies" for like a week and you did everything together because you were "swinging buddies and nobody else was"...haha my strange town.

I said nothing. I just kept swinging...

it was dating for us xD and if more then just two of us were going in sync we were double dating XD then if we were going opposite ways we called it scissors xD

We said “Get out of my bathtub!” I wonder ignoring its regional? I’m in the northeast

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Hm, for me it was “You’re in my mirror.”

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"Get out of my bathroom window" was what we said at my school.

where i live we said you were monkey kissing

We used to say "Get outta my window!"

the no ways on this post are now at 666....just thought i'd let everyone know.

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