It's pretty sad that you met your best friend on a website, amirite?

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I don't see what's so "sad" about it. The internet is a great way to meet like-minded people. Not everyone likes going to bars to meet people. The internet is just the "new way" to do it. We live in a different time! I think it's pretty strange that you are so against the idea of meeting someone online. It's such a normal thing nowadays.

It depends.

I think it's sad when you don't let other people live the way they want to live. So what if someone met his/her best friend on a website? Who are you to judge?

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I've had friends who werefriends with people introduce me to them on the Internet. Then we talked and really hit it off.

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I don't think it's sad all the time. Two of my greatest friends I've met online. I mean, I have my two best friends where I live but I also have those other two friends too.

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I met my best friend in my sixth grade science class.

how do i respond to this? I met my best friend in first grade and we still have a very strong bond: but at the same time, it is sad that OTHERS may meet their best friends online. should I vote yes... or no?

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Let me emphasize the word BEST

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I met one of my best friends on myspace a while ago, she was in my music class and i already sort of knew her.

But meeting your best friend that you never knew before on a website is kinda sad

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People who do that are crazy.

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