Bey Blades were pretty much the coolest things when we were younger, but now that we think back on them, how could we have so much fun with a spin top? 3.2.1 let it rip, amirite?

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i had forgotten about these until now. off to reminisce.....

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I'm a chick and I loved bey blades :P
I always "fought" my brother.
They were awesome but yeah, how did we find spin tops so fun? :P

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Hey! Those things are still fun. Nobody could beat mine!

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They were so popular in my school they were banned

Somehow, the kids at my school kept hurting themselves with them...
But, before they got banned, there was this one time where a bunch of kids were playing with them. When they said the whole "Let it rip!" bit, one kid farted. I felt bad for him, but the timing was pretty much perfect.

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Omg, let it rip, get it? Heheheh, I'm so immature.

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