Teachers at the end of the school year: "Oh, you thought you had all summer for yourself? Guess what, you get to use that free time to read this book and write a paper for it for it, then you get to read these three other books and take notes, plus you'll have a test first day of school, so study for that..." Amirite?

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We don't get summer homework unless we have summer school

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Wow, I assumed every school did this. Surprised to see so many others saying that theirs don't.

I've never ever had to do this.

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summer homework sucks! I just never do it because I'm lazy :) but come on, it's summer, I shouldn't have to do homework.

I dont think they do this in Canada. But it could just be my district?

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@I dont think they do this in Canada. But it could just be my district?

I've never gotten any sort of homework over the summer break here in Canada. I guess it's a USA thing?

I am insanely jealous of the people saying that their schools don't do this

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Hmm I guess this doesn't happen in Canada because I've never had to do this either.

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This has never happened to me either.

My teachers don't say that. My guidance counselor does. "What? You want to excel and take those good classes? Here. Read these 2 books, write essays, complete this packet, and know the material. You will be tested on it when you get back to school."

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I'm lucky, so far I haven't had to do this. But I am starting high school in a few months, so who knows.

My school has never done this? We have completely different classes each year and we never have exams 'till the end of the first term usually.

I'm a Canadian and it's safe to say that we just book it Out of the school homework free at the end of the year.

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i live in australia, and we don't get any sort of homework in our summer holidays, in facet we get completely new teachers, new subjects, and a new year?

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In my school district you're only assigned summer homework for honors english and a couple honors history and science classes for high school. It sucks because I have to read 4 books and make 97 flashcards for vocabulary and look up examples. And during the first week of school I have a test on the vocabulary, on-demand essays for the books, and a test for some chemistry stuff.

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Oh shit. I gotta do my book report. Oklahoma

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we usually had to do this for all of our literature classes (summer reading)
and then you would have summer assignments for whatever AP's you were taking

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Washington USA and never did this then again we are close to Canada

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We do this in the Philippines but not like this. That's too much.

Teachers were students before so they should know how inconsiderate it is to give too much summer assignments.

Our teachers aren't allowed to assign homework over summer, winter, or spring break.

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this is why i didn't join any ap classes

Only one AP teacher in my school gives summer homework in my school

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We didn't have to do this UNTIL we got our new principal. She's leaving now though. She's all "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?"

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A lot of people saying they dint have to do this go to public school. Almost all catholic/parochial and private ones do

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A newfie here. Never had summer homework.

Yea actually, I had a summer reading packet. I have to read Frankenstein, answer over 120 questions, and write an essay for it. We'll turn it in the first day of school, and the test is the next day.
I go back to school in a week.
I started the book yesterday. Ooops!

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That has never happened to me, every year I always seem to get the slacker teachers :D

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