Sometimes you see a really beautiful girl or boy... then you see their parents, and you wonder, "Why the hell is their child so beautiful?!" amirite?

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Yeah... that's my family. And I'm the baby.

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sometimes ugly people make the cutest babies. maybe they just got stuck with the ugly genes & passed on the good ones to their lucky offspring.

Two negatives equal a positive.

average looking people or slightly unattractive people usually pass all their GOOD looks to their kids. completely jealous haha and sometimes kids are cute when they're little but grow up not so cute and vice versa:/

That's kind of why I'm scared of having children.

I don't want him or her born looking anything like me, and have to deal with the insecurity issues. D;

It's just luck of the draw really. You see it with siblings all the time.

ikr?? theres this guy.. he's soooooooooooooooooooooo freakin hawt and i c his parents..... wtf?! i think sumone did a baby swap! lol

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