Life would be a lot easier if your purpose was known to you from birth, amirite?

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ever read the book "the giver"?

@aanya ever read the book "the giver"?

@835941 (aanya): Yeah I have, but I'm talking about more of an instinctual knowledge than being given an assignment.

@aanya ever read the book "the giver"?


then it would seem like we don't have a choice.

It might be easier, but probably a lot less fun.

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"Alright, little Timmy, welcome to the world! Have you enjoyed your five minutes here? Great, well, your mission in life is to have total world domination. You've got 59 years aaannndd... GO!"

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that would kind of defeat the purpose of a lot of ur life

It would be easier, but I think life is sort of an adventure. Knowing what you're supposed to do from the beginning would be boring. Finding out what you're supposed to do as you go along is at least half the fun.

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