You have a TV show youre just a little too involved in, amirite?

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Avatar: the Last Airbender.
Glee. ;_;

Previously_Sanes avatar Previously_Sane Yeah You Are +4Reply

If movies count, then totally. :)

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Dexter <3

Amelias avatar Amelia Yeah You Are +3Reply

No one has said House yet? D:
Despite the fact I haven't gotten any new episodes in two weeks. e.e


Anonymous +3Reply

(Your+name+(optional)): Same!

Anonymous +2Reply

(Your+name+(optional)): That's an amazing show

Anonymous +1Reply

I hate to say this but... Degrassi. I'm ashamed.

Skylines avatar Skyline Yeah You Are +2Reply

I'm totally hooked on Deadliest Catch

Anonymous +2Reply

the office :)

hihellotheres avatar hihellothere Yeah You Are +2Reply

glee and the buried life :)

Anonymous +2Reply

doctor who...im a little obessesed

riris avatar riri Yeah You Are +1Reply

The Buried Life

Anonymous +1Reply

The office!

Samiras avatar Samira Yeah You Are +1Reply

Burn Notice :D I love them all so, so much.

Dominos avatar Domino Yeah You Are +1Reply


Cgymnast7s avatar Cgymnast7 Yeah You Are 0Reply
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