It's sad how it's the personality that matters but one needs looks to get someone to notice it, amirite?

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thats cuz everyone is subconsciously shallow.

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@thats cuz everyone is subconsciously shallow.

We have to be. Evolution and natural selection make it so. We seek mates with good physical attributes so our offspring will better survive.

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@fangirl12 We have to be. Evolution and natural selection make it so. We seek mates with good physical attributes so our...

Very true. I learned that in my Psychology AP class a few days ago. Back in the day (when humans first started to appear) good looks meant better genes, and nature decided that people will be more attracted to so called "good looking" people. And our genes mostly haven't changed since then. So shallowness is inside all of us, cause it worked for our ancestors.
So when girls (might apply to some guys too) say personality is more attractive, that's a lie. It's strange how nature works sometimes.

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It's like a good book, you need a hook at the beginning.

This is why sexy douchebgs get all the girls.

I guess I have a mixture of the two. I tend to like guys that seem happy, confident, and approachable. Basically, they need to look friendly. So it's kinda both...

Looks DO matter, you have to be attracted to someone. But just because you don't think someone is good looking doesn't mean everybody thinks the same they aren't either. You wouldn't want to be with someone you hate looking at

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This is why i never got a date

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What about people who are just like absolutely beautiful but marry the ugliest person alive? How is that explained?

I know I can be shallow at times, but it's not necessarily about looks. When I walk around the city or school, just glancing at passerbys, everyone looks average to me. It's after I take a couple minutes to observe their behavior that it registers to me whether or not I find them attractive. When I see someone act really confident, charming, powerful and happy, I begin to notice how attractive they are and it grows in my mind. If someone acts insecure, pessimistic, boring and obnoxious, they start to look gross to me.

A good example would be my now-best friend. When I first met him, he was drunk and felt like putting on an assholish persona. He was running around and being an obnoxious prick and to me, he looked disgusting but my chick-friend who I came to the party, with still found him to be really hot.
Anyway, time went on, he apologized and I actually got to know him as a human being. Now, I find him to be very physically attractive, though I wouldn't want to date him.

So yeah, looks are important to me but I see the looks based on how someone acts.

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