I used to like all the hit songs, but when you hear one song 10 times in every hour, you're about ready to strangle Justin Beiber, smack Lady Gaga, groin-kick Eminem and tackle Rhianna, amirite?

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And pimp slap Katy Perry

Don't kick Eminem too hard, I wanna get on that.

Justin Bieber really only has one song that gets overplayed but the rest (lady gaga, rihanna, eminem) get played constantly! i do love the songs but enough is enough.

I almost agree, but not the part about Eminem, I love him. :)
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I honestly don't mind the latter two.

I wouldn't kick Eminem, who would?

Not Eminem or Rihanna

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you should of smacked Eminem (smack that all on the floor, smack that give me some more) and groin-kicked Lady Gaga quite frankly.

nobody kicks eminem in the nuts...

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