I think Glee ruins the journey song... amirite?

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Well, i can't vote on this post. Considering the fact i have no fucking clue what you think. I CAN'T VOTE ON YOUR OPINION.

They ruin every song they do.. including friday, somehow or another

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I don't like glee and I believe they ruin every song they sing....

Well, both Glee and Journey are terrible, so, although I don't know what Journey song you are referring to, I can safely assume that it was not ruined.

Glee ruins everything.

lol "the journey song"

Assuming is wasn't horrible before...


You sound unsure about it...
They did really well with the song...
It's a cover for a reason, they didn't claim it as the original...
Amirite? Dot dot dot

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Which one? I don't think they ruined either. If you don't like their interpretation, don't listen to it.

Seriously, guys. Glee is one big American guilty pleasure. It is an astronomic failure, and if you vote this comment down, all you hardcore Glee fans (who probably are big cover band fans too), then you are just defending an astronomic failure. {Not trolling, truthing.}

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