There's that one song you can't get through without shedding a tear, amirite?

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The Spongebob theme song. What a great piece of music. It just gets me every time. (cry2)

Eminnas avatar Eminna No Way +12Reply

Get Crunk by Lil Jon
It's just so...meaningful

Any Bloodhound Gang song, makes me laugh so hard I cry.

My heart will go on; Titanic.
For some reason, makes me tear up every single time. Was playing in a material store and I could feel it coming on ono smilie

Pigeons avatar Pigeon Yeah You Are +4Reply

Cancer-My Chemical Romance. It's just so depressing...

Last Kiss by Taylor Swift

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@Last Kiss by Taylor Swift

I was thinking the same thing.

midnightcookiess avatar midnightcookies Yeah You Are +2Reply

If there is then I haven't found it yet.


That Christmas song, Christmas Shoes. It gets me every time.

AwkwardMoments1s avatar AwkwardMoments1 Yeah You Are +3Reply

The song they played at my grandfathers funeral. I wasn't very close to him but it was the first time I'd seen my mother really cry.

Walking Her Home by Mark Schultz. Such a sweet song.

Wikits avatar Wikit Yeah You Are +2Reply

Amazing Grace, Tears in Heaven and Mockingbird

So Far Away-Avenged Sevenfold. When I saw them in concert and saw the video, I realized how close they all were and how much they missed their drummer and friend, and it always makes me think about how terrible it would be if I lost my best friend.

adiosToreadors avatar adiosToreador Yeah You Are +2Reply

Tears in Heaven or Stan.

Sea of Love by Cat Power.
I get sad within the first two seconds of hearing it:

YouTube video thumbnail

Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman. But only because I know the story behind it and my parents kind of knew-ish him.


tea_s avatar tea_ No Way 0Reply

There's some songs that I just cant get enough.

Dance with the Devil - Immortal Technique

Only rap song in history that could do that

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