Why is it that we have to fight back tears when we see a dog die in a movie but we don't even flinch when an entire crowd of people gets massacred? amirite?

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cause when they show an animal die, they make it looks so painful and sad, the camera angle and the music become quiet. but when a crowd gets massacred its like super intense music. its messed up

I almost cried when the dog died in I Am Legend but Sweeney Todd is my favourite movie...

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I don't limit it just to dogs....Charlottes web was pretty emotional too xD

In 7th grade my class watched holes and everybody got really upset when they killed the donkey but didn't care when Sam was killed.

Dogs are more innocent.

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@agent_eclaire Dogs are more innocent.

Exactly what I was going to say. When you see an animal get killed, you assume they never did anything to deserve being killed in a horrible manner. But with people, god only knows what they've done through their lives to deserve getting killed off.

@Iamrightfosho no one deserves to get killed unless they have done killings themselves.

I didn't mean that I thought that people deserve to be killed. I was just going off the post before mine that said that animals are considered more innocent. No matter who you are, it's almost a guarantee that you've done something wrong in your life, but with animals, they really don't have to the capacity to make decisions about whether something they do is right or wrong.

I laugh at the massacre of people... Is that normal?

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@I laugh at the massacre of people... Is that normal?

Haha my friend was playing COD I think and I couldn't stop laughing at the part where he had to kill a bunch of people at the airport

marley and me.... i nearly died :|

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@lozlo marley and me.... i nearly died :|

Same:( I read the book, though, and started bawling

Okay, I am Legend... that dog... tear tear

I watched this movie once where these kids were beating up this kid and his pet chicken. I almost cried when they killed the chicken!

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What the fuck is with all these posts about us crying more about animals than humans?

I care about animals, but I care about a human life, too.


I fucking lose my marbles at the end of Titantic, every single time I see it. I cried the same amount for Fred as I did Dobby in the book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Wtf, dude..

This has been posted soooooooooooooooooooooo many times already!

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hachi; a dogs tale:( with the real news and events though i obviously get more upset with the people then if a dog died

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i was just gunna post the same thing 0_o

@iamneverwrong haha my bad

hahah its fine! i was just saying its like a coincidence? i guess? lol xD

omg, hachikooo <3 D':

-_- i'd agree if this wasn't repost #2259000089812

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people can relate to a dog getting killed or like a favorite animal so they know what it's like or something but I'm pretty sure most people can't relate to a group of people they personally know getting massacred. idk we talked about it in class one

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the only times I will ever cry in a movie is when a dog dies and you know why? cuz its fucking sad.

dogs are helpless

I've always thought it has something to do with that we KNOW they wouldn't kill a huge amount of people, there's just no way you could get around that. But a single innocent dog...well...

Because humans are generally vile creatures...Animals are furry and cute.

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