You were really proud when you learned to swallow... a pill, amirite?

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Ha I didn't even think of it perverted until the ".... a pill"

Age 12.

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I was 10 when I first swallowed......a pill

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"Learned to swallow..." THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!! "A pill." Sigh. XD

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psh by the time i was in 7th grade i could swallow four cuz of period cramps.lol i remember my mom was tired of givin my lil sis cough syrup when she was sick so she gave her mini m&ms to practice with...didn't work tho lol.n plus i fucking hated the taste of cough syrup so i learned early

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I learned when I was in first grade because I had to take ADD pills.

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Yes, but so is gagging when something either goes down the wrong way, or is too big. Mostly its to do with your head though. If you think the thing is too big to swallow, then you wont be able to swallow it. Most of the food we swallow is bigger than pills anyway. Also, it has to do with the fact that we like to chew our food before we swallow, but with pills we cant do that.

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I swallow my boyfriends jizz.

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@I swallow my boyfriends jizz.

And you felt the need to share that because...?

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