watching fave show "omg what's gonna happen?! What's gonna happen?!" breaking news interrupts "tune in next week for the next new episode!" "AHHHHHH!!!!", amirite?

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what is this the 60's? we got the internet!

listen hun, youve got a nice BEAUT, but i just dont think sizle withers are going to do it today, NANANA NOT TODAY, WE WILL NOT BE STUCK ON REPLAY!

You can type all that out but you can't bother to type "favorite?" Sheesh.

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Hulu is the answer.

That happened to me last year when watching The Amazing Race. Team number one JUST got to the Pit Stop, and then, "We interrupt this program to bring you a severe weather alert." talks about rain shower barely in the viewing area for remainder of show "Stay tuned from scenes from the next episode!" Yeah, I was pissed.

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