How did Ludacris go from "MOVE BITCH. GET OUT THE WAY!" to "When I was thirteen, I had my first love.", amirite?

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well, he's rich. I'm sure he doesn't really care haha

You're Ludacris, man! When you were 13, you busted your first cap!

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its probably the only thing he could get. his career is almost over and that was the only thing someone offered

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This is almost just like what nigahiga on youtube said

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oh? sorry never heard, i got this off my dad. haha.

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Yeah, if someone tried to tell me five years ago that Ludacris would be rapping on some insufferable teen pop singer's hackneyed song about love, I probably would have laughed at that person.

Now, I don't know what to believe, lol. I'm guess I should start bracing myself for the inevitable remix with Lil Wayne.

Ludacris has mad flow, does it really matter? D;

:o i went to listen to this song after i read this. the top rated comment is alot like this post ;)


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He probably lost his virginity because of the Sega Genesis, the chicks dig that. Oh yeah.

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