What is it with musicians flavoring nature!? Vanilla Twilight, Strawberry Avalance, and Chocolate Rain, amirite?

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I love Chocolate Rain. Tay Zonday has to have the deepest voice ever. Ever heard him sing the Grinch song?


I love rainbow veins

Sounds like nature in the Wonka factory.

Strawberry Fields? 8D

Strawberry Fields is actually a place in Liverpool, I've been on the outside of it before. But a great song at that :)

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skittle tasting rainbows. they should be sued for false advertising.

Omg, Vanilla Twilight is the most amazing song I've ever heard. It carries soo much meaning with me, every line is perfect. It honestly gives me chills.

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I freakin love Owl City. My mom bought be concert tickets for my birthday last March. BEST GIFT EVER!!
Anywho, Strawberry Avalanche is full of stuff like that. Mountains of fruit, candy coated clouds and citrus constellation.

Chocolate Rain is my ringtone.

I love how 2/3 of these are Owl City songs ♥

*Note- This not bagging on any of the songs. I love Owl City, and I listen to Chocolate Rain when I need a good laugh :)

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