A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. Where does the work station come in, amirite?

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The government. All work stops at those stations.

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The punchline is 'My desk is a work station.'

What about a playstation, that's where all play stops... wait that's not right

Wow this is from march I don't even remember posting this til now haha.

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@JustClickYesAlready Repeat

I posted this in march, it could just be the timing of when those repeats were approved to be on the home page.

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It's where work stops. I pretty much play on my phone and order stuff online at my office desk/"work" station. Ha.

This is only like the 30,000th post. Right now there's close to 438,000 posts haha

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stationary? something that doesn't move ->stop?

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@stationary? something that doesn't move ->stop?

haha yeah, like if that all made sense, then that would mean work stopped at a work station

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