Girls: At least once in your life, your bra strap has accidentally shown and when someone questioned it, you passed it off as a tank top strap. amirite?

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Yeah, it's not really a secret that girls have boobs anymore. Some asshole spilled the beans.

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Oh my! I don't want anyone knowing that I wear bras! I must think of a lie quick in order to hide my illegal, socially unacceptable behavior.

"HOLY FUCK I CAN SEE YOUR BRA STRAP!" "WHAT? NO! ITS NOT MINE, I SWEAR! I..Im....I'm holding it for....m....Mary. Yeah Mary. PLEASE BELIEVE ME! OMG HOW AM I GONNA LIVE THIS DOWN? I HATE MY LIFE!" shoots herself in head No, but seriously, this post is stupid.

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"I can see your bra strap."

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Even if someone asked, why would you lie? It's not that serious. (Unless you're in a school where there is a serious no-bra-strap-showing policy).

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all girls over the age of like 12 wear bras its not a big deal. and i have a bunch of shirts to go over my shoulders so my bra strap shows and honestly no one gives a damn

Who asks about bra straps? I have been able to see the whole outline of the bra but I never ask because I would imagine that was be embarrassing for the both of us.

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@Babytard "Is that a... a bra strap D:?"

or taps on shouler ''Umm I can see your bra.'' ''The whole thing?'' ''Basically.''

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I guess my bra straps have shown before, but nobody ever cares or questions it..

My profile picture. White strap=bra strap. Omg I'm soooo embarressed how will I live...

Its not that big of a deal if your bra strap shows, at least they know you're wearing one

If someone asks me why my bra strap is showing then I tell them to fuck off. Their shit face may be showing but I don't ask them why.

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