You look at a random date, such as 1998, and then you are like "oh that was just like 2 years ago." Then you think for bit and realize that it is actually more than a decade ago and you are like "Holy Crap it is freaking 2010, where did all the years go." amirite?

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Yeah. And when I try to figure out how old someone is or something, I always go to 2000. And now I'm like, shit I have to add 10 more years xD

Time flies. Kinda scary to think it was that long ago hahaha

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I was talking about this earlier. I mentioned something that happened in 1996 and was like "holy shit" when I realized it was 14 years ago.

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Wow! I was only four in '98 :O what the....

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/Tired of lying in the sunshine/ Staying home to watch the rain/ You are young and life is long/ And there is time to kill today/ And then the one day you find/ Ten years have got behind you/ No one told you when to run/ You missed the starting gun"...

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I still hear my parents talking about how rough the winter of '97 was in New Jersey. That was 13 years ago, and I was five. Where has my childhood gone?

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Lol! I feel so old. I have started saying stuff like "back in my day, or in the 90's.... :-S

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this is SO TRUE i had to comment on it lol

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