being dizzy is just as good as being drunk, amirite?

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no, no it isn't

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Like being drunk for 30 seconds, maybe.

It's nothing like being drunk at all. Alcohol is a form of afrodesiac. Being dizzy doesn't make you feel the same, only the dizziness.

When people drink alcohol they feel happier, bolder, they stumble more, blurred vision, slurred speech, don't feel as much pain.

When you're dizzy you're just...dizzy.

No not at all, being dizzy often happens when you're drunk but it doesn't sum up the whole feeling of being drunk.

and also if this were true why would people go to such lengths to get alchohol when they could just spin around?

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Lol no.

if you spin REALLY FAST 20 times in a row, according to my science teacher, it's the same as being drunk...but you get over it quicker

Being drunk is good?

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it's better. Being drunk sucks...

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