If they really want people to stop killing endangered species, they should rename them SnugglieWugglies, because who would kill a SnugglieWugglie? amirite?

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My family was murdered by a pack of wild SnugglieWugglies...

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You kiss your father with that mouth?

I'd leave the snugglie alone, but the wugglie is taking five shots from my .50 handcannon.

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heh heh heh... that mouth ain't used for kissing...

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im a vegetarian and tat name is so god awful it makes me want to kill the creature with that name

They would use it's fur for a new and improved snuggie...

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i dont kno if u neccesarily care but im saying im against killing animals so much that im a vegetarian and even i would kill something if it had a name like that you dumbass

just like PETA and its sea kittens..

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