You hate people who complain about every little thing the president does. Let's see you run the most powerful country on the face of the planet with 308 million people breathing down your back and criticizing your every move, amirite?

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Governments without criticism are what tyrannies are made of.

@pantherfanatic Governments without criticism are what tyrannies are made of.

No one's saying there shouldn't be any criticism, but you have to admit there's too much. No matter how great any president is, he will always have thousands of people who hate him just because they can.

I am surprised no one has complained about the "most powerful country" statement yet. I am proud of you, Amirite community.

Finally someone agrees

It would just be nice if they actually did what they said they would do.
False Advertisment is a crime for corporations. I think it should be the same for politicians who are basically selling themselves

But then you remember he's running your life and decide that everything he does matters to you personally

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Oh I don't know, with the nearly infinite amount of legislation he signs into law and vice versa

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It might have sounded dramatic but it's more or less true. We are affected, whether directly or indirectly, by what he does so we have the right and responsibility to complain when we aren't satisfied with his performance.

And I hate it when people say "Cut him some slack! It's a really hard job!" If it's too hard he can drop out of the race. Simple as that.

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