you would rather have school all year (not weekends) from 10:00-12:00 than summer off at 6 hr days. amirite?

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It would just seem like such a waste to get ready for only two hours of school.

We have eight hour days, and I would find that easier than two hours.

First of all, nobody would pay attention with just two hours. The first hour, they would dread being at school. Second hour, they would be ready to go home. Not so convenient for the learning process.

Secondly, the time issue would bring up a few problems.

Thirdly, people look forward to summer. Even if they were going to school for two hours, that would mean the kids would get more homework, and they would want a break, that they wouldn't get.

Just my opinion.

What's life without summer break?

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A full year, two hour school wouldn't have the same amount of time though.

Sometime's it's best to get it over with,

Yeah, people wouldn't pay attention for just to hours. And how many classes would you have a day? It would take forever to learn just one concept. And, it would be really annoying if you wanted to go on vacation for once.

A solid 48 hr marathon of gaming is better than 96hrs broken up into one hour slots. It feels like more and you don't feel the need to do only the most enjoyable thing, and lose interest in it.

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