In about 10 years or so, the most popular kids names are going to be Bella and Edward, amirite?

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I am so naming my kids Harry, Hermione & Ron. :)


I agree with yummytaco19, I'm potter-obsessed too. I was just thinking about all that twilight fangirls and how one day they'll probably force their husbands to name their kids after someone in twilight.
I think Harry potter fans will either be completely normal, or name their kids something really unique and different (like jo's choices)

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@66221 (Anonymous): I love Harry Potter. My favourites are Ron and Luna Lovegood- just because shes so strange. :)

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Oh fsm please no ;_;

actually i was on most popular baby names today for a school project and bella is on the list so...

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and jacob

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@and jacob

I love the name jacob actually. Even before twilight came out i liked it

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Edward is a great name, actually.

But Stephenie (wasn't the original spelling "Stephanie"?) Meyer ruined it. D:

And the most popular middle name will be "Wait for it".. Thank you HIMYM <33

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