You don't care who it is, but when someone tells you you're pretty, it makes your day, amirite?

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You're beautiful.

Kk15s avatar Kk15 Yeah You Are +12Reply

Unless it's Pedobear.

Then you should be suspicious.

monstrositys avatar monstrosity Yeah You Are +8Reply

Unless its your mom - its like "dont you HAVE to tell me i look pretty, mom? i mean you cant just say I'm ugly."

cheer4mias avatar cheer4mia Yeah You Are +6Reply

Well, it usually does, but if it's that sketchy hobo I pass on my way to school, or one of the guys who just want to be in a girl's pants, then no.

Anonymous +4Reply

Except for the guy who looks wierd in my class

You are pretty... Pretty ugly!!

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