Stewie went from an evil baby genius to a gay midget, Brian went from a happy dog to a human being with strong political opinions, Peter went from a dad that loves his family to a gigantic, sarcastic 12 year old, Lois went from a strong woman to a slut with a crazy past, and Cleveland went from a modest, chill neighbor to a stereotypical black guy. amirite?

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Yeah, I think the one true consistent character is Meg. She's always just... sucked.

well in the early episodes, they portrayed her as a dedicated mother and wife, nowadays we find out she used to do meth &shit.

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Hey. On the flip side, there's always the same old pervie Quagmire (:

Technically, Lois has always been a slut.

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ugh, stewie is the worst part. he was my favourite when he was evil :(

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@LovelyGreen ugh, stewie is the worst part. he was my favourite when he was evil :(

Agreed! And Chris went from being a misfit to a complete retard… I miss the old family guy);

The old Family Guy...I miss it. Once, long ago, it tried to be funny, now it's saying "How far can we go before it being 100% vulgar and unfunny?"

And the Cleveland Show? Pretty much "New" Family Guy that tries to appeal to the black audience. I find it pretty racist myself, but then again I'm white.

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yea wth family guys gone down hill. except for mayor west. that guy remains awesome

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This show has always been gay and lame. Duggarts stw!

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I think a better balance should be found between evil and gay stewie. Both are funny and the truth is that a simply evil character would be too uni dimensional. Then again, an homosexual baby into bestiality is outright weird. If I had to chose between both I would definitely go for evil stewie though. As for Brian I don't particularly like the character. I find the character hypocritical and arrogant along with sometimes a bit insulting. He also seems significantly dumber than what he used to be. How he has turned is not necessarily a bad thing but in turn he just lacks what used to make him what he was in the old episodes. The developments that the characters went through are not necessarily bad at all but in turn taking away the elements which made them what they were to begin with is a big mistake IMO.

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Stewie is so much funnier the way he is now. The evil Stewie never made me laugh, New Stewie is hilarious. Brian had no real character before they made him have strong political opinions, Lois's change is hardly a factor in most episodes, Peter is a lot funnier now that he's a dumbass, and Cleveland had hardly any character before. They had to develop him to give him the spinoff.

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That's what made all the satire possible and the show so great.

So with Stewie you have a positive, interesting gay main character in a show that actively supports LGBT rights, with Brian you can enlighten the logical flaws in the views on serious political issues and point out political hypocrisy (just think about the Limbaugh episode), with Peter you can present a critique on the dumbness of the average American, with Lois you can show how the average woman is affected by sexist clichés actually working against her and with Cleveland you can exorcise "black guy" stereotypes by making fun of them in a context where you're evidently not taking them as if they could ever be a faithful image of reality.

That's kinda how MacFarlane's a genius.

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I like gay stewie.....

Mayor West ftw!! He's my favorite.

Since WHEN is stewie gay??? Did I miss something?

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I like gay stewie.....

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