The one day you miss school.. Everything happens. amirite?

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Just about every time I missed school, a fire happened.

On the only day of school that I missed in the last four years, I missed a whole-grade flour-ball fight, which I had been looking forward to for WEEKS!!!!!

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Fuckk yea! The day I missed school like 1-2 days last year, my guy came into my 7th per., started crying for this girl (my friend) and they were both crying and it was this scene they caused, 1yr later they broke up. Wow

My guy! I mean THIS guy.

In 8th grade the one day I missed school my science teacher brought her Rottweiler into school.

I miss school at least 10 times a year so it's not really the ONE day I miss school.

Or the one weekend that I go visit Grandma's, my neighbors' smelly house burns down.

One time, when I missed school freshman year, there was a power outage and they let everyone leave early :/

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