Everyone has some kind of junk drawer/basket etc. where the useless pieces of crap that people don't want to throw out goes. Need a battery? Post-it Notes? Pen? Check the junk drawer... amirite?

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Hahaha I thought only my family did this! xD

@Atomic_Cow Hahaha I thought only my family did this! xD

haha same. and we literally call our's the Junk Drawer

This is the only post I've ever read on here that made me laugh out loud, loudly. This is so me.. and all my friends.. and everyone.. its so true..

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oh hi michael mcintyre....
nah, im sure its an original post, its just similar to something he uses :)xx

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Me and my brothers each have our own drawer for our useless papers and other random junk.

haha we have one. i thought we were the only strange ones:)

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except i call mine my EVERYTHING drawer.

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