It's funny how people comment on the small impossible things that happen in cartoons when the whole cartoon is based on something impossible like a talking cow or sponge, amirite?

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Yeah. Like when people say, "How does Spongebob make a fire UNDER WATER?!" It's like... uh... it's a cartoon. About a sponge. Who is the same size as a squid, starfish, squirrel, crab and whale.

I think it has something to do with the fact that we identify them as human that we don't question the fact that it's a talking cow or sponge.

What if the cows and sponges are talking behind our backs?They're planning to attack D:

I always ruin movies/cartoons/TV shows because I point out what's wrong with them.

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Why, in the SpongeBob movie, is the man in the diving suit so huge? He's like 500x bigger than SpongeBob... and if SpongeBob is the same size as Sandy... So that diver guy is 500x bigger than a squirrel.

And why does Otis the cow have an udder? He's a male!

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