i feel like the horror movie industry has an agenda to ruin everything we use on a daily basis; tapes and TVs are ruined(the ring), cameras(shutter), phones(one missed call), mirrors(mirrors), clowns(IT), camping(friday the 13th), dreaming(freddy kruger), halloween(halloween).. really? i'd hide out in a closet for the rest of my life, but you ruined that with the grudge and the boogeyman. amirite?

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I do enjoy clowns and halloween on a daily basis

Going in the woods (the blair witch)

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lighthouses (darkness falls) and bathtubs (what lies beneath xD

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You forgot posessed dolls D:(chuckie) >.<

@NomnomIttzel You forgot posessed dolls D:(chuckie) >.<

There was a creepy clown statue in a fun house at the fair I went to last night, and it was holding a Chucky doll. It was seriously freaking me out.

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what are you using clowns for on a daily basis? O_o

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@what are you using clowns for on a daily basis? O_o

lmfao. i was thinking that. i was like "those aren't generally things that come up on a daily basis.." but, you never know.

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the real name wouldn't fit. :(

IT is my favorite movie of all time. Who doesn't love clowns who drag little kids down drains?!... well no one likes them. BUT I DO. AHHHAHAH. THEY ALLLL FLOAT! AND WHEN YOU'RE DOWN HERE WITH ME.. YOU'LL. FLOAT. TOOO!!!!

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Hiding under the covers (The Grudge)

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@Hiding under the covers (The Grudge)

i was actually going to put the the grudge ruined japan, but didn't. haha.

Shower curtains (The Shining)

I hate clowns and I haven't seen IT.

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@I hate clowns and I haven't seen IT.

clooowns! XO I hate them too.
and once you watch horror movies you get likee. addicted. ahha.


@loovelaraxox rollercoasters?

final destination 3. and some other cheesy shit that i can't remember the name of.

I laughed my ass off during all of those movies.

@Um_yeah I laughed my ass off during all of those movies.

Especially "A Nightmare on Elm Street". I found the ending to be fucking hilarious...

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