It would be cool to have the happy meal box just like the one on t.v. Not that crappy bag you get, amirite?

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Bag?? What country are you in?
Lol we get the happy meal boxes! :)

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There are Happy Meal boxes at the McDonald's where I'm from. :D

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We used to have the boxes here but they switched to the bag a couple years ago ): haha. I was thinking about that just the other day.

ooo what maccas are you from?

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Hell, I'm in Ireland and we get boxes.

Depends where I go; some do some don't.

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When I was younger I remember getting the boxes occasionally but then just the bags. The boxes were never the solid red kind in the commercials though =/.

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I got a box yesterday! So happy! It even had that smiley face on the side!

We get bags here in New York -.-

I remember the days of the box.

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PA and FL give bags...are they being lazy or something ?!

im from australia and we get the boxes :D

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In New York they used to give the boxes a few years ago. Now they're just being lazy douches.

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I get bags :( I thought in America they got boxes and I always wanted to go there so I could have a happy meal in a box.

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it cause the bags r 4 the" mighty kid meal" not the "happy meal"

to the comments about New York before: I live in New York, I get boxes.

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