It's a swirling wonderland of sparkling, white pleasure. Let it fill your senses with cascading fluffy pillows of confort and excitement as you have never felt before. ...What? No, actually, I was reading a gum wrapper... amirite?

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It's chocolate wrapper, not gum wrapper. YOU'RE NOT PATRICK!!!

Hidden adult humor, possibly?

This is dirty.

maggiemoo62s avatar maggiemoo62 Yeah You Are +3Reply

It was a candy wrapper or chocolate wrapper, not gum. I still YYA though because I love Patrick.

Anonymous +2Reply

Patrick brainfarted and typoed "comfort"

Patricks avatar Patrick Yeah You Are +1Reply
@Patrick D: Patrick brainfarted and typoed "comfort"

@481270 (Patrick): It's okay Patrick, it's amazing you could use the computer to typo it at all.

Anonymous +4Reply

patrick <3

I thought it was a candy wrapper... whatevz

Hah I thought of snow!

Anonymous 0Reply

spongebob says: patrick, that was beautiful, (as he tears a little)
not: ..what?

SamanthaJacksons avatar SamanthaJackson Yeah You Are -1Reply
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