You never have been a vegetable in a school play in elementary school, amirite?

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I never even had a school play in elementary school..

OHdarlings avatar OHdarling Yeah You Are +5Reply

I've never even SEEN a school play that involved vegtables, except on tv.

emilygws avatar emilygw Yeah You Are +3Reply

I never even got to be in a play. :(

Rainbow35s avatar Rainbow35 Yeah You Are +2Reply

A pickle in a Grade 6 variety show.

Anonymous +1Reply

Been a flower

Anonymous 0Reply

An asparagus in grade 5. It was the only time I was jealous of the kid playing a tree.

I was holding a heart when I was in a play :/

Blahs avatar Blah Yeah You Are 0Reply

Vegetable? No. But I was a goat.

I was a tree :D

I've never been a vegetable, but I once had to hold up a big piece of cardboard :/

Anonymous 0Reply

I was the Cabbage Queen in 2nd grade :]

Anonymous 0Reply

Never a vegatable, but I've been a trapeze artist, archeologist, and an irish immigrant. I also know people who have been dinosaurs and bugs in their plays too.

ckcottonkandys avatar ckcottonkandy Yeah You Are 0Reply

Does being in a play outside of school count? I was a pea in the princess and the pea.

Jennlovesmcrs avatar Jennlovesmcr Yeah You Are 0Reply

i feel sorry for the 18 people who picked no way.worst i've been was a kid on the bus. i had to shake hands with the turkies. ahhh third grade. good times.

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