It's always awkward when a fat person asks you to draw them, because you don't wanna draw them all huge, but if you draw them regularly they know you did it to not hurt their feelings. amirite?

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Why do fat people want you to draw them?

i believe this belongs in an "artists only" category because it really doesn't apply to anyone else

Pros of sucking at drawing: Not having to put any effort into an artistic assignments because teachers "Can't grade you on your artistic abilities", No fat people ask you to draw them

Cons of sucking at drawing: You suck at drawing

My fat friend asked me to draw her, after 3 weeks she asked me if i was done and I told her that i couldn't make it look like her and that i was very sorry...

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Draw face.

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stick figures FTW

@Bring_Me_a_Moose stick figures FTW

Fat people would be more like a circle figure

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