You are never mean to the creepy kid in school because they may bring a gun to school one day. amirite?

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Im nice to everyone but as soon as im nice to the creepy kid they think I like them and they follow me around. -_- Lol.

Not only that, but also because it's just the right thing to do. Unless you want to look like a total dick.

No, actually, I'm not mean to the creepy kid because I try to be a nice person...

Over half of our student population carry pocket knives... forget the gun, they'd kill you on the spot.

alienators avatar alienator Yeah You Are +14Reply

Dane Cook? :D

@AyyyP Dane Cook? :D

"Thanks for the candy."

Pikachews avatar Pikachew Yeah You Are +8Reply

I was the creepy kid...

If that's the only reason you're nice to someone, you need to do some serious self-reevalution.

ctiscoolers avatar ctiscooler Yeah You Are +7Reply

This reminds me of Rick from Degrassi

jaydakinssss avatar jaydakinsss Yeah You Are +6Reply

I am the creepy kid. And all of my friends and boyfriend are creepy kids too. we have this little corner of the cafeteria thateverybody else avoids like the plague. :D

There's this one creepy kid who I give the cold shoulder to because his incessant tapping drives me crazy, but I'm nice to the other creepy/weird kids.

Katffros avatar Katffro Yeah You Are 0Reply

I made friends with most of them because I felt bad for them.

JohnTs avatar JohnT Yeah You Are 0Reply

I came across the blogs of the 'creepy' kids from school. They don't seem disturbed enough to bring a gun, but they have been through some deep shit.

SomeEpicNames avatar SomeEpicName Yeah You Are -1Reply

No, you are ALWAYS mean to the creepy kid because the creepy kid has no soul and is too big of a fucking pussy to bring a gun to school and cap the people that need to be capped like yourselves.

Fuck you all.

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