It's funny how some girls think tons of famous guys are "hot." If they didn't have the money, fancy clothes, professional stylists/fashion consultants, they'd be average. At most, glance worthy when they walked down the street. amirite?

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Johnny Depp will always be gorgeous

You're assuming that everything a woman finds "hot" about a guy is his looks. When you see a guy on TV or in a movie, you hear his voice, see how he carries himself... reading and watching interviews can give you an idea of what they're like... it's not all completely shallow and visual.

Unless you're talking about high school only, of course. I tend to think in less narrow terms.

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It's the same for guys thinking famous girls are hot though.

@BumbleBeeSoup It's the same for guys thinking famous girls are hot though.

I'm talking about high school. I probably should have specified. College and up, I wouldn't call girls. Just women. Some high school girls don't tend to think about the things you listed. They just see the guy's face and think he's hot.

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They'd get a pretty damn long glance.

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Not necessarily... One of my favorite "hot famous guys" is a famous British youtuber, who lives in an flat with his best friend in London. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a fashion consultant, fancy clothes (he has really cool t-shirts instead!!), or a ton of money. But he's still incredibly hot.

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...your point?

Adrian Grenier would get not a glance, but a stare from me. He's pretty

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