Everyone should just buy a pair of 3D glasses and take them with them when they go to the movies since every movie is in 3D. amirite?

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They still charge the surcharge.

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All the US theaters I've been to continue to charge. The studios want the extra money because it costs around $15m to convert a film to 3D.

What's the point when you can borrow them from the movies for free?

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At the cinema's where I live for a 3D movie you pay $20 a ticket which includes a pair of re-reusable 3D glasses that you get to keep. If you remember to bring them next time your ticket is cheaper, but still more expensive than a normal 2D one.

i have a few 3D glasses, but i always forget them

at my cinema they still charge you extra even if you take old 3D glasses with you :|

I have done that! At mine you just pay for a ticket and then the glasses.

That isn't how it works over there?
We just buy a pair of glasses and take them with us every 3D movie.

I refuse. The cinema's won't get my money.

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