When people say that "Not everything is free." well some people are wrong, because hugs are free. They even make "Free Hugs" t-shirts to prove it, amirite?

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There is a difference between "nothing is free" and "not everything is free", amirite?

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Hugs cost you time and energy

@KickAss Hugs cost you time and energy

but they're oh so worth it. I love hugs :) <3

Grammar classes aren't free, sadly.

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you really didnt prove how the quote was wrong...

Those t-shirts cost money. There's no such thing as a free lunch! Basic economics, everything costs somebody something

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Yeah, "not everything" does not mean "nothing."

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but the t-shirts aren't free..

It's a lie! To get a hug, you must give a hug!

@cjewels It's a lie! To get a hug, you must give a hug!

or, you know, you could just hug people at the same time they hug you.... an interactive hug?

@cjewels It's a lie! To get a hug, you must give a hug!

Not necessarily. I get hugs all the time, I can't remember the last time I gave someone a hug

Unless, of course, you get a deluxe hug. Those cost $2.

Either way, not everything is hugs.

I think you meant to say "When people say 'nothing is free'".

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You have to have been raised and fed throughout your life to get that hug! And the food and shelter that kept you alive costs money. So TECHNICALLY.

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hugs aren't everything.

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unless you get hugged by a prostitute

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