Guys who star in porn videos should be really ugly and have small penises, so then the people who actually watch porn could relate to them better, amirite?

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I didn't know that every man who has a libido and internet access is automatically ugly and has a small penis. That's a shame...

Every guy watches porn though :/

Girls watch porn too and we want to see attractive males just like guys want to see attractive females

I watch porn, I am a girl, and I do not agree with this post.

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Kind of more referring to the guys who come home and spend the entire night on xtube :P
I understand all guys watch porn occasionally, but some guys it's just o_o

Are you criticizing the porn-watching community?

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Stupid OP.

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Wow. A lot of people on amirite like porn, I guess. Now that's* a shame..

But all the men in porn are ugly.

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This will make people not want to watch porn.

Stop making baseless generalities. People with large dicks aren't less likely to watch porn, and people that watch porn aren't more likely to have smaller dicks.

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I'm a girl, I'm not lesbo, but I only watch porn for the pretty females! :P

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