If the show has a laugh track, it probably isn't funny. amirite?

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JONAS didn't have a laugh track...but that show was terrible. hmm smilie

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That 70's Show?
King of Queens?

@9876098 That 70's Show? King of Queens?

Ah I was going to say That '70s Show toooooooo.

fatimas avatar fatima No Way +3Reply

How I met your mother comes to mind.
I also liked Sabrina the teenage witch.

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Friends has a laugh track right? If so, thats another exception.

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The big bang theory c:

Ryan-Ds avatar Ryan-D No Way +7Reply
@Ryan-D The big bang theory c:

(Ryan :D): Not a laugh track.

Um...Drake and Josh?

Hello? Full

Two and a half men is funny

You won't even notice the show has a laugh track if it's a good one..

I like the wheezing laugh on the laugh track

Does George Lopez use a laugh track? Cause it sounds like a live audience

Did Cheers have one?...
And of course Seinfeld! DUH!

The Office is funny

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@The Office is funny

Objection, relevance?

No laugh track, friend.

enders avatar ender No Way +6Reply

It depends really.

everybody loves raymond!


Um, Friends. My favorite TV show and I are offended.

A while ago, a lot more comedies had laugh tracks. It's seems to me like having them without laugh tracks is a new, trendy thing.

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