It's exciting to get a cracker that's really two crackers stuck together. They're like conjoined twin crackers, and that makes them cooler than normal ones and more fun to eat, amirite?

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mmm, conjoined twins

AmyMaries avatar AmyMarie Yeah You Are +3Reply
@AmyMarie mmm, conjoined twins

lol...that made me think of siamese twins

I fear this wording makes it sound like I approve of eating conjoined twins. I'd just like to come out before someone accuses me of this and say that this is not accurate.


beils avatar beil Yeah You Are +2Reply

You've put way too much time and effort into thinking about crackers, by the sounds of things.

Kaitlyns avatar Kaitlyn Yeah You Are +1Reply

Why would anyone eat crackers when you could eat conjoined twins?


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