When you were little you were afraid that the ceiling fan would chop your head/arm off, amirite?

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yeah, if im changing my shirt when my fan's on i try my absolute hardest not to stretch my arms in the air ;p

steelydans avatar steelydan Yeah You Are +3Reply

Omg. I was terrified then one day in like the 4th grade my friend dared me to get on her bed and touch it. AND IT STOPPED. It didn't even hurt. I was like wtf?!

mchristies avatar mchristie Yeah You Are +2Reply

Dude I still am scared. xP

I got hit in the head with a ceiling fan when I was little. XD My dad tossed me up in the air....Haha.

GrammarGirls avatar GrammarGirl Yeah You Are 0Reply

If it's on I Stay low to the ground, like I'm gong to wave my limbs around up there

bros avatar bro Yeah You Are 0Reply
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