Asking Burger King for a Big Mac is the most entertaining way to piss off the fast food industry, amirite?

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the fast food industry, or the people working at burger king? they're quite different. pretty sure the fast food industry doesnt give a damn if you try to order a big mac at burger king.

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If anyone does this, i should have the right to punch them in their fucking face.
(Work just one day in fast food and you'll understand)

My friends and I called Quiznos once and asked if Subway delivers
The guy hung up on us..

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I used to work at Hungry Jacks (Australian Burger King; they had to change the name for legal reasons, but it's the same company).

I always used to get asked for Big Mac's Quarter Pounders, etc. I once got asked for a "McWhopper" and once got asked if we accepted McDonalds coupons.

@ashnicoleluvsblg if you need coupons for mcdonalds or burger king you know you got issues.

It wasn't that; we have coupons and vouchers; and I know McDonalds does too.

It was that they were trying to use McDonalds coupons at Hungry Jacks, despite the fact we don't have the same burgers, and since we didn't issue the coupons, would not have gotten the money from them.

Nah it's just stupid

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