Why do people insist on saying that Obama is Muslim? During Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, he was clearly seen ordering lunch and then eating it. Observant Muslims pray at least five times a day, and it just so happens that on April 5th during noon prayer Obama hosted an Easter Egg hunt at the White House. No one at the event noted Obama on the ground praying in Arabic. Fancy that. amirite?

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Stalker much?

..... if he were muslim, how would it affect any of us? why should we care?

honestly, the stupidity of some people

Society's obsession with arguing over religion sickens me.

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Are you Muslim, OP?

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It said the post somewhat and more! It's vlogbrothers for those who care.

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This sounds familiar. Fancy that? hmmm, wonder where I've heard this before

You fancy, huh?

Oh, you and your logic.

Okay REALLY who cares and point to be noted, most Muslims pray only twice a day because of busy lives and not all Muslims fast.

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