Ross and Rachel were clearly on a break, amirite?

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they were to on a break. coming from a girl,i would be upset,but at the same time it would be like "well,we weren't together,so..."

It wasn't cheating because they were on a break. Rachel had no right to be mad but every right to be very hurt and not want to be with him anymore.

I love how people are having an argument over a tv show...

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Holy shat, I'm watching this episode right now. And they were soooo on a break.

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I agree they were on a break, but not broken up. He cheated on her even if they were on a break.

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love this post:)

They were on a break but he slept with someone else the day after that. It just seems he could have waited a few days or weeks if he thought that the breakup was permanent.

@lightningflash2 well he was drunk; he definitely wouldn't have done something like that with a clear head.

Hm... I guess you're right. And she was kind of annoying to suggest it and then just show up the next morning expecting him to take her back.

they were on a break!

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On a break, not broken up.
While I love this post, I had to NW...I adore Ross and Rachel. :D

Lmao I recently starting watching all the Friends episodes (but had to stop because of all of my homework stacking up) and whenever they mention the break thing I can't help but to laugh :)

Please don't argue about a script that WRITERS wrote xD They were not, on a break, they were taking a break. Difference.

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