It's weird how Family guy won't do an abortion episode, but they have done a Hitler/ nazi episode. amirite?

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Family Guy is so stupid.

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well there is an episode where stewie goes inside his dad's sack and destroys all his sperm. so thats kind of like an abortion

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Who would get an abortion? Meg? Nobody would do her

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Well, no one can seriously contest that the Nazis were pretty bad guys. There's no contemporary discussion there.

Abortion on the other hand, while I would argue that the pro-lifers can't seriously make a point, it is still a contemporary topic.

If Family Guy was to make an episode on it, they would have to make a comment on it, and that's going to offend a large part of their audience one way or the other.

And I don't think that Family Guy won't do it, I think they couldn't convince the FCC to let them air it

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They did do an episode about abortion though... when Lois end up carrying a dead couple's kid

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I'll just leave this here.

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there is a episode where they briefly mention it, Peter brings up when Lois gets one.

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@there is a episode where they briefly mention it, Peter brings up when Lois gets one.

In the episode where Steve "kills Lois," Peter and Lois are having dinner with these people on a cruise. Peter than tells a story of when Lois has an abortion, and he mentions the word abortion dozens of times.

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They did a 420 episode and "Prom Night Dumpster Baby" so I think between those two it makes up for an abortion episode. Just sayin :D

Partial Terms of Endearment. Season 8 episode 21. It was not allowed to be aired on tv but is on dvd.

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