Girls spend months planning her sweet sixteen and she's been planning her dream wedding forever. Guys will spend maybe a few weeks planning his sixteenth birthday and usually goes with what the bride says for the wedding, amirite?

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jcad16s avatar jcad16 No Way +8Reply

Guys don't spend weeks planning their 16th birthdays.

I planned my 16th birthday the night before.

I didn't plan shit for mine, just found some weed and had a good time.

FalloutOWs avatar FalloutOW Yeah You Are +1Reply

My birthday plan:
1. Do everything normally
2. Get a bit of money from the family
3. Continue as though nothing happened

I can tell you that my 16th is no different.

NiceBoulders avatar NiceBoulder Yeah You Are +1Reply

i am TOTALLY helping plan the wedding.

Its our Quinceneras for us hispanics :)

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