There is no worse feeling than finding out that you've seen every episode of an old show, and realizing there is never going to be a new episode. Ever, amirite?

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Boy meets world cry

rocket power :(

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Arrested Development :(

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Gilmore girls

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Why do you keep stealing from ruminations?

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@Why do you keep stealing from ruminations?

and yet he still gets homepaged. whats up with that?

Drawn Together / Invader Zim. :[

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Firefly! =( And Buffy too...

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Fresh Prince. :'(

I'm pretty sure there are many worse feelings, though I do see your point.

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Pushing Daisies sniffle ):

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I'm pretty sure that all those people who are in car accidents/drowning/getting their legs chewed off by rabid animals/etc have it worse than that...but yeah, I see your point.


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getting cut in half would hurt more

The Wire :/

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