It's funny when your super slutty friend talks about someone else being slutty. so in the back of your mind, you're thinking "....hahahaha....you're the slutty one...whore", amirite?

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Well then lucky you two for not having skanky friends. I have one like this, she's married. I found out when she texted me saying she cheated on him.

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You sound like a wonderful friend

@DryTurtle You sound like a wonderful friend

thats what i was thinking... call me old fashioned i dont think "haha WHORE" about my friends.

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There are different levels of sluttiness though...
Like me. I'm no angel. And some people might call me a slut.
But there are girls out there that are wayyy sluttier than me.

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All teenage girls do these days is sit around talking about who's a slut and who's not?

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